If you love landscaping, you probably know that navigating a small garden is one of the hardest things to do. Homeowners often have an extremely small garden space. Thus, it can appear like an overwhelming job to try to come up with a layout and design.  

Fortunately, when it comes to making the most of a small garden, there are a couple of excellent tips. This means that you can turn even the tiniest areas into an excellent garden utopia with fitted and compact features to improve the garden.  

Before you search for “landscapers near me”, here are some tips to consider: 

Use Containers and Pots 

There’s a low possibility that there will be a lot of soil space or grass if you’re working with a small garden unless you’re doing a complete re-landscape project. This means that there will be a few areas where you can add greenery, trees, or plants. Containers and pots are ideal for planting flowering bedding plants or small trees. Also, they’re easy to change and move around.  

This is a particularly helpful tip since you can redesign the area without doing anything at all. Containers and pots help to keep things flexible. It’s vital to guarantee that they’re easy to maintain when it comes to small gardens. Containers and pots can also be utilized to grow carrots, lettuces, chili, peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables and herbs.  

Be Wise with Furniture 

Placing pieces of furniture in a small garden can either be used to great effect or take up vital space. Too much of the wrong kind of furniture can generate a cluttered look. Also, it might take up space that small gardens can’t actually afford to lose. Thus, you should look for compact options rather than bulky tables or huge benches. This kind of furniture helps to produce the stylish Mediterranean or European look to any garden. It does not matter what size your garden has.  

Color is Vital 

Drab and small gardens that simply consist of brick or paving will always appear smaller since they’re lacking one vital aspect – color. Colorful and bright features, plants, and flowers will immediately make a small garden look lighter and bigger. 

Golden or yellow colors are ideal for brightening up dark areas that get little to no sunlight. Also, bright displays of foliage and shrubs will add a pretty shade of light to your garden. You can make your garden appear more intimate if you add hot colors. This includes dark yellows, oranges, and reds. 

Use Height 

When it comes to improving a garden space, walls, garages, or fences are all great spaces to utilize. Keep in mind that we utilize walls in our house for artwork, photos, cupboards, and mirrors.  

Living wall gardens are an ideal way to fill blank areas in your garden. They’re both contemporary and appealing. You should consider using interesting plants. This includes Trachelospermum, geraniums, Salvia microphylla, and much more. In addition to that, you can also utilize edible plants such as lettuce or strawberries.