Not every person is ready for the work that goes into a DIY bathroom renovation. Aside from being risky, a bathroom that’s poorly renovated can wear out immediately and appear cheap.  

Before you begin to choose the grout color and start tearing up the tiles, you’ve got to read some of the most common DIY bathroom renovation mistakes. It is crucial to completely know the knowledge and time needed to successfully finish a DIY bathroom remodel.  

If you want to be confident in your decision to do a DIY bathroom remodel, here are a couple of mistakes that you should avoid: 

Unrealistic Timeline 

Individuals who are ready to begin a DIY bathroom remodel project have to think about how intensive they want the renovation to be. You’ve got to make sure every required material is in stock to avoid delays. You also have to ensure all materials are in the right quantities before you start destroying your bathroom. 

Almost every homeowner believes that a bathroom renovation project is the simplest room to tackle in their home. However, this project presents a lot of issues that can happen at any time. An overall bathroom remodel can take around 20-30 working days.  

No Plans 

One of the most important things to consider is whether or not to replace your old sink, toilet, and tub. You have to consider this before you start the project. It is a heavy lift for a DIY project, whether you choose to tear out and replace your existing fixtures or reline them.  

It is crucial to get the layout correctly. It does not matter how small or big the area you are working with during the project. As you plan your DIY bathroom renovation project, you should ask yourself if there’s a better layout compared to the existing placement of your fixture.  

You’ve got to ensure that you take precise measurements if you do choose to move existing fixtures. This will help you guarantee you’ve got enough space to do regular activities and the doors have ample room to close and open. These minor things are vital in planning your bathroom renovation. 

Incorrect Waterproofing 

Your bathroom has a lot of water. your bathtub, sink, shower, and toilet are all possible areas where a DIY renovation project can go wrong. Completely failing to waterproof the bathroom can result in an increased possibility of termites, higher utility bills, growth of mildew and mold, depreciation of your new bathroom, and structural damage.  

It is hard to totally waterproof a bathroom without having experience or knowledge about renovation since the waterproofing membrane has to be well-suited with the adhesive and substrate being utilized. Aside from that, the curing times of waterproofing vary from one product to another. This can result in human error.  

Incorrect substrate preparation and lack of subject matter expertise can result in expensive water damage repairs and tile failure. It is ideal that you hire a professional bathroom remodeling company if you aren’t sure whether or not you can handle bathroom waterproofing.